OpaConnect® is elegantly simple to use,  
and help is never far away.

We've put together a series of tutorials to assist you in setting up and navigating within OpaConnect. If you ever have a question, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at support@opaconnect.com.



My Company

See an overview of your company page and have visibility into what co-workers are working on. The My Company page displays the Vision, Purpose and Core Behaviors of the organization, as well as key Initiatives and individual Goals linked to those Initiatives.   Everyone can see who is working on what.



The Me page includes the Responsibilities and Goals of each employee and the status of those Goals. Learn how to schedule and prep for 1:1's with your manager. View the Shoutouts or kudos for a job well done.


1:1 for Managers

The 1:1 page supports managers to schedule, prepare for and meet with their employees. Managers score their employees Responsibilities, Goals and Core Behaviors as behind, on track or ahead. The employee also scores themselves, leading to guided conversations about performance. 


1:1 for Employees

The 1:1 page allows employees to schedule and review their meetings with their manager. Employees prepare for the meeting through self-assessing their Responsibilities, Goals, and Core Behaviors. Employees can also rate the Company on status of Initiatives as behind, on track or ahead leading to a holistic, guided discussion of performance.

Getting Started

Creating Responsibilities

Responsibilities are created on the Me page. This tutorial walks you through the process of creating Responsibilities and getting approval from your manager.


Creating Goals

Goals are created on the Me page. Each goal has a type (individual, team, development etc), deadline, measurement criteria, status and privacy settings. Goals are also linked to organizational Initiatives. Assign tasks that help you get closer to goal attainment.