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"Kids’ Country has boosted engagement since using OpaConnect®. Staff are more engaged, happier and fulfilled. They now clearly understand their impact and their worth. With 180 staff at 15 locations, it’s a challenge to get everyone on the same train going in the same direction, and OpaConnect® has made a huge impact on that.”

Stacy Litteral, Executive Director, Kids' Country


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“For the past year, I have been using OpaConnect® to initiate and track goal progress with my staff for quarterly check-ins. The tool has been invaluable as it provides transparency at all levels and access to a shared vision at both an individual and team level. OpaConnect makes it easy to initiate the quarterly check-in process. Goals and responsibilities are agreed upon and tracked on a quarterly basis. But what makes OpaConnect different is that tool has built in reminders to set up the meetings and, most importantly clear starting points and a framework for the feedback conversation.

Adriana Martins, Group Manager, Project & Change Mgmt, Adobe


"OpaConnect® is an integral part of our employee communication and alignment efforts. Let’s face it - the workplace is busy with lots of distractions and most employees now desire continuous feedback. OpaConnect has a well-considered performance review framework with the right level of documentation – detailed, relevant but not onerous. Its solid reporting structure helps facilitate needed interactions between managers and their team at a cadence that supports everyone’s expectations. I find OpaConnect helps us make fine course adjustments to priorities and goals throughout the year which ultimately leads to stronger performance and a better workplace.”

 Scott Snyder, EVP, Evotec (US) Inc.

“OpaConnect builds the best performance management thinking into a system that inserts the process into our daily work lives. Its system empowers increased dialogue between employee and manager in a way that is both task and goal-oriented. Constant alignment with the daily work dispenses with onerous processes associated with unpopular Performance Management solutions.

OpaConnect is re-energizing the Performance Management world with its thoughtful approach to creating culture and engagement from the workforce we are all seeking.”

Nov Omana, CEO, Collective HR Solutions, former Chairman of IHRIM


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