Become an HR Rebel with a Cause at HR West 2017

Let’s be clear - the stories we read about institutionalized discrimination and harassment at high profile companies like Uber, are not just a failing of management, but of HR.

Most of us don’t enter the HR field to protect institutions, post-rationalize actions, or build legal cases. We enter it to help people reach their potential. Sometimes we need to speak truth to power. When the time comes, how will you respond when careers, well-being, livelihoods and reputations are on the line?

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking ‘it depends’. As HR professionals we have to deal with value judgments all the time. But institutional harassment, gender bias, and discrimination shouldn’t have shades of gray. They should be bright lines for us all.

Trouble is we lack the data to back up our misgivings. So they become personal judgments, which can be discounted. It’s time for HR step up - to put in place the systems to catch counter-cultural behavior as it starts. Transparency into employee performance and behavior isn’t just a way to get higher performance. (Although it’s common in fast-growth organizations). No, transparency holds everyone - employees and management accountable.

HR is responsible for the cultural and managerial norms within the organization, but lacks the authority or systems to know what’s happening day-to-day. Instead HR should be rebels with a cause. A cause to bring transparency, fairness, equality, and meritocracy to each and every company. Perhaps you have your own cause - diversity, age bias, gender pay - there are too many to mention - what are you doing to advance it?

We think it’s time for HR to step up and step into the light. A light which should shine into every corner of the organization. That’s easy to say, but hard to do. Really hard.

That’s why we think it’s Time for a 360 on HR. Our own appraisal of what’s working, what isn’t and what we’re going to do differently. Let’s define our personal HR cause and put in place the systems so we have the data we need to build the company we envision.

Come to our workshop at the HR West 2017 conference where you can learn how to make a difference in your organization. Become an HR rebel with a cause. The workshop will be lead by CEO, Kirsti Tcherkoyan.

Time for a 360 on HR
March 6, 2017
3:00pm - 4:30pm
HR West 2017
Oakland Convention Center, Oakland CA

For those who attend the panel we’ll be giving away copies of Pat Lencioni’s excellent Truth About Employee Engagement, a must-read for HR leaders and managers of all types. While we’re on the topic, you should also download our latest white paper:

Download - Ignite Your Culture-How to Ignite Passion in Employees and Create a High-Performance Culture

See you at HR West next week!