Ignite Your Culture - a White Paper about Creating a Culture of Ownership

Many organizations struggle with employee engagement. They seek better performance from their staff while at the same time giving them a sense of purpose. But their efforts fall short and in some cases are demotivating and disenfranchising.

In our latest white paper, we examine the path to a creating a high-performance culture. First off, we take a look at the history behind performance reviews - the standard way to assess employee contribution. Spoiler alert - they are broken and being abandoned by many high-profile organizations.

So why do HR teams limp along trying to enforce performance systems which don’t identify and celebrate high caliber team members or provide the support employees need to excel? More importantly, what can organizations do to reinvent their appraisal systems so they create alignment not just with company initiatives but the behavioral norms the organization value most.

In our work, we encourage companies to embrace a culture of ownership with employees. The paper introduces the concept of an ownership culture, how to recognize it and what the benefits are both to the organization and employees. We provide specific action items around fostering regular manager-employee conversations, setting meaningful and valid goals, and how to reinforce the key behaviors the company values most.

You’ll be able to see which stage your organization is at on the path to ownership and get useful tips on next steps to take. Senior management, HR teams and staff across the nation all know that performance reviews don’t work. This white paper helps everyone break out of that system and set a new path towards a high-performance, fully engaged culture.

OpaConnect and its strategic HR consultancy parent, Options4Growth, have guided many fast-growth organizations along this path.

Download - Ignite Your Culture-How to Ignite Passion in Employees and Create a High-Performance Culture