OpaConnect® was developed by the people experts
at Options4Growth.  Knowing growth comes from within, we created a platform that helps organizations actively manage growth.





- the system for engaged cultures


OpaConnect®, is a strategic performance management platform specifically designed to manage and promote growth. Developed by strategic HR consultancy Options4Growth, OpaConnect® supports companies that believe it all starts with people.   Leaders who....

  • favor simplicity and transparency
  • believe that great companies are built from the inside out
  • know that growth must be carefully nurtured





Jill understands the impact strong HR has on an organization’s performance. She learned it first-hand during her 20 years working with management teams and serial entrepreneurs of IT startups, financial institutions like First Nationwide Bank and well-respected food brands, such as Niman Ranch.

For the last ten years, Jill has implemented those lessons consulting with scores of companies in Silicon Valley and beyond, including Evotec, Pereira & O'Dell, Terris Barnes and Walters and Penumbra. In 2012, Jill co-founded strategy consulting firm, Options4Growth, one of the Bay Area’s fastest-growing women-owned businesses, counting Apttus, Birst and Houzz among its client roster.

Jill’s work in the technology sector has given her a keen understanding of the role technology can play in achieving rapid growth - and of its shortcomings. Too often HR systems are built by engineers, not experienced HR leaders. This led her to co-found and invest in her new venture, OpaConnect , an organizational performance alignment system. OpaConnect ensures staff feel engaged, recognized and connected to the organization’s purpose - the cornerstone of rapid growth.

Jill has a BA and MBAs from the University of Denver, and is an accredited member of SHRM, Society of Human Resources Management, maintaining her SPHR, Senior Professional Human Resources credential.  


"Too often HR systems are built by engineers, not experienced HR leaders."

Jill Pappenheimer




In business, those who can - do, and those who succeed - coach. Kirsti is a serial entrepreneur, founding four companies in the last 12 years alone. Following a career with senior management positions at companies such as CNET Networks, Infogrammes, ThirdAge Media and Alloptic, Kirsti founded her first company, Diablo Technology Partners in 2004. Here she worked at a strategic level consulting and mentoring public and private companies including the City of Fontana, Awasu Design and Iconic Labs.

In 2012, she co-founded strategic consulting firm, Options4Growth with business partner Jill Pappenheimer. Now one of the Bay Area’s most successful women-owned businesses, Options4Growth works with companies such as Hired, G2 Insurance and Bristlecone Holdings to deliver HR and growth strategies.



"OpaConnect accelerates growth by linking organizational strategy with key initiatives, team priorities, and staff goals."

Kirsti Tcherkoyan



Recently, Kirsti founded and invested in her fourth start-up, OpaConnect - an organizational performance alignment system. OpaConnect accelerates growth by linking organizational strategy with key initiatives, team priorities, and staff goals. OpaConnect aims to replace time-consuming and demotivating performance reviews, with a system which is intuitive for employees and insightful for management teams in growing their business.

An accomplished entrepreneur in her own right, Kirsti is also a certified Gazelles International management coach - one of fewer than 200 worldwide. In this role she works with senior executives at emerging and high profile companies to deliver rapid growth strategies. Kirsti also has broad experience with mergers and acquisitions.

Outside her professional commitments, Kirsti is the chairperson for the Bay Area Council of Business Advisors, and sings with the world-famous Glide Ensemble. Kirsti is also co-founder of the Women Sharing Wisdom Institute, a non-profit providing training and education to entrepreneurs in Africa.