OpaConnect® is a Clean & Refreshing Performance Alignment System, That Empowers Employees, Makes Managing Meaningful, and Drives The Organization Forward.

OpaConnect® is Organizational Performance Alignment

Engaged Employees

Your people actively own their role, and everyone values, and recognizes contributions.

  Exceptional Managers

Your managers manage
more productively, foster employee accountability
and fill gaps.

Connected Workforce

Your organization moves in unison toward the same vision.

Intentional Growth

Your connected team creates a bright future with a clearly defined path to getting there.

OpaConnect® is the Only Solution that
Supports Everyone’s Success




Everyone knows...

  • Their primary job responsibilities.
  • When their next 1:1 is and how to prepare.
  • How they are linked to the work of their team.
  • How they are performing against expectations.
  • The purpose and vision of the company — and how they fit into it.



Managers know...

  • How to manage their employees for meaningful productivity.
  • Their team’s performance at a glance.
  • When their team 1:1s are, as well as what to discuss during those conversations.
  • How to keep their team on track to achieve company goals.



Leaders know...

  • The entire organization's performance at a glance, as well as how teams and individuals are performing.
  • If they are achieving Organizational Performance Alignment and the ability to pinpoint areas of focus.
  • How everyone in the organization is connected to the vision, purpose, and core behaviors.

With OpaConnect®, There’s So Much To Celebrate



Using OpaConnect® supports an agile approach to communication between managers and employees. Communication is ongoing, timely, and constructive. With continuous feedback built into the system, managers become coaches, employees are recognized for their contributions, and course correction is quick and immediate.



Leaders and managers get visibility into performance across the organization with a data-driven, at-a-glance pulse on activities and progress.



Because OpaConnect® facilitates monthly 1:1s between managers and employees, it rolls everything up at the end of each year, giving you an employee review with just one click.


OpaConnect is developed and supported by strategic HR consultancy, Options4Growth, which works with companies of all sizes to standardize HR processes and to unlock growth potential.

What customers and experts are saying



"OpaConnect® is an integral part of our employee communication and alignment efforts. Let’s face it - the workplace is busy with lots of distractions and most employees now desire continuous feedback. OpaConnect has a well-considered performance review framework with the right level of documentation – detailed, relevant but not onerous. Its solid reporting structure helps facilitate needed interactions between managers and their team at a cadence that supports everyone’s expectations. I find OpaConnect helps us make fine course adjustments to priorities and goals throughout the year which ultimately leads to stronger performance and a better workplace.” – Scott Snyder, EVP, Evotec (US) Inc.

“OpaConnect builds the best performance management thinking into a system that inserts the process into our daily work lives. Its system empowers increased dialogue between employee and manager in a way that is both task- and goal-oriented. Constant alignment with the daily work dispenses with onerous processes associated with unpopular Performance Management solutions.

I believe OpaConnect is on the right path to re-energize the Performance Management world with its thoughtful approach to energizing the culture and creating the engagement from the workforce we are all seeking.” – Nov Omana, CEO, Collective HR Solutions, former Chairman of IHRIM


A Culture of Ownership

Change happens when employees design their roles and map their everyday responsibilities to big, 
juicy company goals. Understanding their impact makes their work meaningful and boosts engagement.